Issaquah, Washington

Experienced Computer Engineering graduate seeking an entry-level position with an innovative, global company to utilize my embedded software engineering knowledge, broaden my experience in technology applications, and continue to develop my leadership attributes.

Rigorous coursework and work experience have given me a wide range of skills and taught me to be exceptional at critical thinking, prioritizing, and meeting deadlines.
• MATLAB, SPICE, Microsoft Office
• Real time microcontroller systems
• Digital logic design
• Programming in C,C++,C#, VHDL
• FPGA based systems
• Space radiation mitigation techniques

Bachelor of Science: Computer Engineering
Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
Cumulative GPA: 3.2
Graduation Date: December 2009

Master of Science: Electrical Engineering
Montana State University, Bozeman, MT
Expected Graduation: May 2012

Space Hardware Engineer, Montana State University Space Lab, Bozeman, MT , Sept. 2007 – present
• Ground station software development in C# using Visual Studio, Embedded programming in C
• Payload development and design for a cube satellite mission on a multidisciplinary design team
• Designing and testing a particle detector to count high energy electrons in space

Systems Engineer Intern, NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA , June 2008 – Aug. 2008
• Conducted mission design study for NASA earth science mission
• Designed hardware implementation of on-board processing and data compression using a FPGA
• Published recommendations in an IEEE paper and presented to JPL Board of Director

Teaching Assistant/Personal Tutor, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, Sept. 2008 – May 2009
• Assist students with programming in assembly language
• Tutor students outside of class time as needed

Digital Design Engineer, Computer Engineering Department, Bozeman, MT , Sept. 2009 – July 2010
• Completed design of radiation tolerant computing system based on redundant soft-processors
• Used the Virtex-5 FPGA platform and Xilinx development tools

Eagle Scout Rank
Sumner, WA, May 2005
Organized and executed service project

Volunteer Service in Africa
Lusaka, Zambia, Summer 2009
Six weeks working in a clinic

Achievement Scholarship
Merit based scholarship awarded by Montana State University, September 2005 – May 2009

Montana State University College of Engineering Dean’s List
Distinguished academic performance during the Spring 2009 semester.

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